Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

1st GiveAway [Anniversary GiveAway english version]

We are very nervous when we write this post..xoxo
It is first time for us hold giveaway and also in order second anniversary of rumah53154
This exciting two-year, we learn many thing and we got a lot of benefit for this two year
We are never without all of you!!!
And now, it is time for us to give special gift for the lucky seven. Hoho
it is special gift for you...each of the winners will get like in the picture

if you want to, please follow this step:
1. Follow our blog
2. Like our FB fanpages and follow us at twitter
3. Repost this great news at your blog/fb or retweet at your twitter. More dialy frequently you post you'll get more chances to be a winner.. xoxo.. Also mention us to help us count your point.. :3
4. Put our GA button on your blog

5. Share us: What the dolls means for you and what is the most inspiration of your life? Comment here, please..

This GiveAway will end on 1st February 2013 (only in Indonesia). We will announce the SEVEN winners on the night of 2nd February 2013.

Good luck and happy crafting!!!
h&made by rumah53154,
Akmalya Cairunnisa

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