Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

Aladdin Series [AnniversaryProductPart2]

We have Aladdin series now!
They are
a dollie series that inspired by the story about Ali the Liar Prince.
 but we like to made them in my fave square, triangle and rectangle idea to made them "alive"

nowaday you can find only 2 cute dollie like Ali and Jasmine.
we named easy Ali and Yasmin.

they have 30cm height and 12cm width
comfort to carry everywhere, right?
made from felt, cotton, soft dacron inside and hand sticht here and there.. :3 
latter we try to produce other character from Aladdin Story
hope we can :3

you can adopt them on January 15

wait calm, darl.. :3
You can adopt them on our Shop here

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h&made by rumah53154,
Akmalya Chairunnisa

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